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Aine and Niall (Ireland), Rome, February 2014

Posted on February 21 ,2014 , in

Good Morning Barbara and Valentina,

Niall and I are very well thank you, we are married 1 month today and still getting use to being husband and wife.
Work has been very busy so we have not had a honeymoon yet, so we are looking forward to when we can.

Everything went wonderful on the day. Valentina was terrific , she called us the day we arrived in Rome to see if we needed anything and the fact that she was there before the church and helped Niall organise the few last minute things was wonderful and he really appreciated having her there. She really ensured that everything ran well , the church, photographers , car and wedding meal later. A great Woman !

The choices you made of the church , photographers and Hotel were just special and added so much to the day. The photographers were two lovely genuine people and we had good fun with them. Also Father Tony was terrific , he added so much to our day, he came to our meal that night and we went to meet him at church on the following Sunday, I would highly recommend him if you have other Irish clients who would like an Irish priest. So all in all we had a WONDERFUL day!!!!

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