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Ambri and Giuliano (CH-France), wedding in Villa Bucciano, July 2011

Ambri & Giuliano outside Villa Bucciano

Posted on July 29 ,2011 , in

If you decide to make Tuscany the destination of your wedding, please call Barbara Calo. I was pleasantly surprised by her sincerity and professionalism. One might think that language barriers may have been an issue while planning a wedding in a different country. However the quality of her staff  and service and ability to communicate with us and different vendors was never an issue. She was always available, always responded to our emails and questions, and always gave us the most accurate and thoughtful answers. She was always there to aleviate the stress. If there was ever anything that we needed help with, we knew Barbara could do the job.
Over a span of a year, we got to do all of the fun wedding planning activities together… collaboration with florists, menu and wine tastings, visiting cake shops in Florence, deciding on table decorations, doing dress alterations, shoe shopping, etc. Everytime we went back to plan we would stay for at least a week, and would get to meet with Barbara enjoying the lovely scenery and would dream about what the big day would finally be like. She was always as enthusiastic as us, always hopeful, positive and confident that our wedding day would be the best wedding in history…and it was just that !
I do have to admit, there were many stress-filled moments where I thought « Why in the world did we ever decide to have our wedding in Tuscany ? Why couldn’t we have had it here, close to home ? » After I would write Barbara an email, and would think to myself that having a wedding in Tuscany isn’t the worst thing that could have happened to us. Barbara’s help proved to be invaluable.
My final thoughts, now an month and a half after the wedding, it truly was pure SUCCESS! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding ! After a year of stressing with the paperwork, decisions and more decisions, we did it ! Our friends and family keep telling us « That was one of the best weddings ever ! » ,  « What a fairy tale ! », « It was perfect ! » And from friends who will soon be married « It’ll be hard to top that ! »
Many thanks to Barbara. Our wedding would not have been what it was without her.

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