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Amy and Richard dreamt of an intimate and romantic wedding in Venice. An amazing city where romance and beauty dominate every corner. Could you imagine anything more romantic than sailing across the water on a gondola, to reach your guests and husband at your wedding venue in Italy? We can't! Amy was the happiest bride ever sailing across the river, to be greeted by the elegant terrace of the five star hotel, Europa Regina.

The most romantic walk of their lifes!

The wedding ceremony was celebrated just a few steps from the water with a glorious view of the city.  It created a perfect combination of emotion and happiness. After that, the couple took some time to walk through Venice, admiring its lovely canals, its sumptuous palaces and squares, whilst also enjoying the less visited corners too. The most romantic walk of their lifes!

The wedding reception took place in the Hotel Europa Regina. A refined dinner was followed by an intimate and very animated party.

A dreamy day in a dreamy city,  a triumph of love, beauty and bliss.

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