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Arya Samaj Indian Wedding Ceremony in Italy

What you find in the celebration of an Arya Samaj wedding is an Indian marriage rite; it is an explosion of colours and tradition. A wedding we organized last summer in a Tuscan Villa completely respected this combo and it was marvelous!

Celebrating their love with an ancient ceremony

Natasha and Francesco wanted to honor the Indian origins of the Bride, celebrating their love with this ancient ceremony. The day before, all the family girls gathered for the Mehndi ceremony, a beautiful rite during which the hands and feet of the future bride are covered with henna tattoos. This represents the bond between the couple.

On the day of the wedding a very special moment is then had between the two families. This is called Milni. A Milni is the meeting of the two families who are about to become one. Shortly after, the groom added an Italian touch to the Baarat (the groom's wedding procession surrounded by relatives and friends), reaching the wedding ceremony site on a Vespa! Once everyone was present, the Arya Samaj wedding ceremony took place.

The wedding ceremony was situated under a beautiful Mandap with the warm Tuscan sunlight illuminating the beautiful Indian colours. After the wedding ceremony, all the guests enjoyed a cocktail and dinner amongst the colourful settings! Gold chairs, light blue tablecloths, purple flowers and lots of coloured lanterns, an absolutely joyful atmosphere enriched by lots of excellent Italian food, laughs and dancing!

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