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Jewish Wedding in Italy: Chuppah Ideas

Dear Brides and Grooms,

Today we want to give you some cool ideas for your Jewish wedding in Italy! The Jewish ceremony is composed of very ancient traditional moments and gestures, which make it very touching and engrossing, and it's important that the whole day reflects these.

Your Jewish wedding in Italy!

One element that deserves special attention when it comes to making decisions about venue decorations is the Chuppah, the canopy under which the couple stand during the ceremony and which symbolizes the Divine presence and the new residence of the couple. The Chuppah has to be open on all four sides, representing the opening of the couple towards their families and friends. Its presence in the service is fundamental and to give a unique touch to your Jewish Wedding in Italy you can decide to personalize it in keeping with your wedding’s style and personal taste. Here you can find some pictures of stunning classical and romantic Chuppahs decorated with white soft veils and flowers, but you can really let your imagination run wild and we will help you realize any original decorations! A Chuppah with elegant appeal might have tall glass vases filled with water and calla lilies or orchids flowers as legs, for example, or, for an indoor wedding, a silver colour structure embellished by a roof made of fairy lights would be a spectacular and modern creation. You could even consider having a crochet roof made with pieces of yours and your beloved's favorite childhood clothes and blankets, or a handkerchief or headscarf given to you by your nearest and dearest, for something truly romantic and symbolic of your relationships with family and friends. A lovely tradition to follow is having four men from your family holding the four legs of the Chuppah, as a sign of your family’s protection of your marriage — no matter what your style or desire for your Jewish Wedding in Italy, we can help you!

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