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Luxury Wedding under the Tuscan Sky

Last June in a Luxury Tuscan Resort near the sea, we design, produce and plan the stunning wedding for Meredith and Sean. Their dream was an unforgettable destination wedding in Italy.

"From the first call with Meredith's mum, Lisa " says Sara Mazzei, the designer and planner of this 3 days wedding, "I had clear what they wanted. They loved the authenticity of Tuscany and the genuine food respecting traditions but with a glam touch. This is what we like to do at the beginning. We want to know well the couple because the wedding has to reflect them as couple. It is the beginning of new life together and the wedding will represent this story." The chosen area, Maremma, the south area of Tuscany represented a challenge. It is an area not so well known. "My idea was to offer to the guests the experience of an area of Tuscany out of the most tourist routes, where the beauty of the sea is mixed with the countryside and vineyards. So we planned the welcome night in a beach club and the day after in a beautiful winery" as Sara continues to describe. "We started from a beautiful palette of coral, pink and white flowers with some insert of blue for the welcome night and pool decoration. With this palette we wanted to represent the joyful moment we are going to celebrate". Looking to the pictures we see that the venue has been decorated but not transformed respecting the style of the area where the elegance is sober. "What made this event unique was the pergola we designed. The area close to the restaurant is amazing but the entire project needed of a "frame" otherwise it looks too large and not so cosy. So we projected a wooden pergola and together with the florist we realized a wisteria pergola with cascading greenery. The white stage and white wooden dancing floor under the pergola were amazing" as Sara says. "When we design an event we start from the couple and the venue. These are the two milestones of the entire event. Then we develop some proposals and ideas till arriving to a final project that we design. What I really like is to focus an event on the show during the dinner and night. I plan in details the timing of the dinner, the light, the music and when it is possible, fireworks to make the event memorable. When I see the clients overwhelmed by the event, I understand that I did something good! And only thanks to my clients who trust in me we can design a wedding like this one, so my gratitude is to Meredith, Sean and Lisa".

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