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How to plan a Destination Wedding in Italy

We are sure we do not need to tell you how magical and charming Italy is: the elegance of the lakes, the authenticity of Tuscany, the beauty of Rome and the glamour of Capri are some of the many reasons why this country is so famous and beloved and just perfect for a destination wedding.

    “Italy remains one of the top venues when it comes to getting married abroad” says Sara Mazzei, owner and founder of Infinity Weddings “Our mission is to create spectacular, flawless, and unforgettable events, being with our couples every step of the way”. There is so much advice that can be given about how to plan a destination wedding in Italy and here are our top 5 essential tips for anyone thinking of planning one:  

  • Hire a reliable wedding designer and planner. Okay, this may sound self-referential but believe us, it is something you won’t regret doing. Having an on-site wedding planner assisting you through the whole process, designing and planning the event, inspiring you with ideas and solutions and many many other things will make your planning experience really enjoyable and the event memorable and smooth.
  • Dedicate as much attention to the selection of the wedding venue as possible. The location will set the style for the whole experience and it is something everyone will remember and speak about for a long time when they return home. Do not stop at just looking through pictures on the web, if you can plan a visit to see and feel the vibe of the location, do it. Ask your planner about all the possibilities as well as the possible restrictions with a venue, how it can make the event happen the way you want it…unfortunately beautiful venues sometimes cannot match the overall event you have in mind.
  • Cuddle your guests. Of course you love your guests and hope that each and every single one of them will enjoy the experience of taking part in your Italian destination wedding. “Being invited to a marriage abroad is a great thing of course” - explains Sara – “but it is important to make the whole stay one to be remembered and make things as easy as possible for them”. A good idea is to print a beautiful program of every day that they are there for, so that they know exactly where and when they have to be somewhere, giving some extra advice about the activities in the area. You can also surprise them with a personalized welcome bag at their arrival at the venue/hotel with some special local treats and gifts and of course planning some cool welcome dinner or brunch or special experience such as wine tastings, pool party etc to share together will make the whole thing really special.
  • If you are planning a legally binding or religious ceremony, follow your planner’s instructions about the necessary paperwork and proceedings, this is possibly the greatest help you could receive! Dealing with the Italian authorities requires time and experience; being helped by a local is essential.
  • “My final advice about how to plan a destination wedding in Italy is, Think big!” – Sara’s approach could not be more joyful and enthusiastic. “A marriage abroad is a full, exciting, unforgettable experience and you are allowed to dream and realize amazing crazy things! A ceremony in an enchanted forest in Tuscany, a masquerade welcome ball in a Venetian theatre, an authentic Italian Festival in an ancient Borgo. We love creating unique experiences and we know how these moments become precious for the couple, their families, friends and guests”. When it comes to planning a destination wedding in Italy you have so many amazing options to choose from.
  A destination wedding in Italy is a truly memorable and special experience and hopefully you’ll find our advice helpful whilst planning yours. If you decide to use a wedding planner believe that nothing will be too much trouble for them, creating dreams is our work and we love what we do.

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