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The Beauty of the Bride

When it comes to being engaged, we have no doubts that the first thing coming to a Bride-to-be’s mind is WEDDING DRESS!

Many women have already the perfect idea about how they want to look on that day, others need many advices before taking a decision but one thing is certain: when they find the perfect dress, they instantly know it and this is the moment when the wedding really starts to take shape in their minds.   Regardless of which style they choose, elegance always characterizes them as it lays not only in the dress but more frequently in the way they look, in the way they feel confident and beautiful in their Bridal dress, in the way they fiercely and softly reach their love on the aisle… and we always admire these amazing women thinking how lucky to receive the privilege of being chosen to make this innate elegance the heart of an unforgettable day. We can say that the beauty of the Bride is certainly  to be found in their happiness. They are overwhelmed with joy and love and this is what really makes them unique, radiant, elegant and more charming than ever.   This is a small ode to the bright glamour our Brides have shown us during these years of weddings in Italy, an amazing and endless source of inspiration.  

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