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Wedding Brunch for your Destination Wedding in Italy

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Italy, it’s likely that your friends and family will be staying for longer than just the wedding day.

Treat them to an Italian brunch either in the days running up to your wedding or the day after. It’s a great way to extend the celebrations and to thank them for traveling and taking part in the most important day of your life!

Rustic wedding brunch in the Tuscan hills

Organized for a Tuscan villa wedding last summer, this rustic wedding brunch in the hills not far from Florence is one of our favorites.

Decorated with an array of beautiful white flowersaromatic herbssmall olive treeslush red tomatoes and sweet lace and ribbon detailing, the brunch had a distinctive country chic feel.

Guests relaxed on comfortable picnic blankets and cushions, enjoying the excellent food and wine and basking in the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Photo Courtesy of: Blumenthal Photography.

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