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Emma and Glen (UK), Tuscany, June 2013

Posted on June 29 ,2013 , in

After deciding our venue with help from our Babs (!), we worked by ‘chapters’ to accomplish each aspect of the wedding. Babs certainly worked very hard for her fee, as she helped us make decisions with regards to the florist, photographer, hairdresser, beautician, musicians, guest’s accommodation, catering, decor, service, transport, bridal car, baby sitting and marriage legalities. Her contacts are of real quality – she must have a ‘little black book’ that’s worth its weight in gold, as each company/person we met, delivered fantastic results that helped make our wedding so special. I guess we were rather naive with the amount of work and decisions that come with organizing a wedding, but Babs was always so calm and collected, and always provided us with thorough recommendations and solutions that suited our budget and style – her knowledge knows no bounds – it’s truly incredible! We only wished we met in person sooner, rather than half-way through the planning, as once we met, we immediately connected and became friends! During the wedding week and on the day itself, Babs was an excellent problem-solver – almost like superwoman putting out fires here and there! And always with a smile on her face, so we salute her, as we know we must have been very demanding. So, if you’re looking for a wedding planner in Italy, I wouldn’t look anywhere else. Infinity Weddings & Events has everything you need to make your dream wedding become a reality – one which will exceed all other weddings and give you truly amazing memories!

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