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Lebanese Wedding in Tuscany

Lebanese Wedding in the Tuscan countryside │ 3-days event │ 170 guests from Lebanon │ Flower layout for the tables │ aerial views │ 500 candles │ 20 meters of cascading greenery │ an unplugged band from the south of France │ a DJ from Lebanon │ 7-layers cake │ cold fountains

When: July 2018
Where: Tuscany
Location: Wedding Venue in Tuscany
Guests: 180

Organizing Diane and Elie’s wedding was truly an enjoyable, fun experience. Diane and I were immediately on the same page, she wanted an event that conveyed an ambiance filled with color, music and dances.

This is what I like to work on, fun experiences, and study an event layout that helps me in the project.

Diane and Elie have now become our friends, partly due to what happened in the backstage. They still talk about it, just like their family and guests, and of course my team.

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At 5pm on their wedding day, Diane was getting ready for family photos, all of a sudden, a summer storm broke out, when no weather website had forecasted it.

All the tables were set, with all the centerpieces ready, the dancefloor all set to go. I could not believe my eyes!

It lasted thirty endless minutes, after which all the stemware was full of rainwater, the chairs were soaked, and we only had one thought in mind: we have 90 minutes to start over again! And so we did, during the ceremony we wiped silverware, stemware, chairs, and put together a fabulous event.

This is what makes InfinityWeddings so special, the ability to face glitches keeping calm and readjusting the program so that your guests will not even be aware!

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“When we design an event we start from the couple and the venue. These are the two milestones of the entire event. Then we develop some proposals and ideas till arriving to a final project that we design.

What I really like is to focus an event on the show during the dinner and night. I plan in details the timing of the dinner,

the light, the music and when it is possible, fireworks to make the event memorable.

When I see the clients overwhelmed by the event, I understand that I did something good! And only thanks to my clients who trust in me we can design a wedding like this one, so my gratitude is to Meredith, Sean and Lisa”.

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