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Lyria and Daniel (USA), Tuscany, September 2011

Posted on September 29 ,2011 , in

Barbara, we can’t thank you enough for such a memorable occasion. We are so thankful for the pictures as it felt like the entire wedding was over before we knew it, so now we get another chance to see the beauty of the evening. All we’ve heard from the guests since the wedding was how beautiful everything was and that it was far and away the most stunning wedding they have ever been to. And many of our guests have attended hundreds of weddings, so “complimenti a te!!” We certainly share the same sentiment.It was absolutely beautiful….everything from the flowers to the food to the wine…..”perfetto!”. I hope we get a chance to talk soon and reminisce on such a wonderful event and life long memories! Thanks for making it a unique and extraordinary event. I think one of our friends said it best….”by the end of the night, we were expecting a unicorn to fly in and take you two away….truly magical!” What a great job you have of making such wonderful lifelong memories for people. You have impacted our lives in such an amazing way, and started our journey together with such elegance, passion, and beauty. We are so appreciative, thankful and fortunate to have found you. Keep spreading the love. You do amazing work!

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