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Megan and David (Canada, South Africa), Tuscany, June 2014

Posted on June 4 ,2014 , in

When I had decided to marry in Tuscany, naturally a great stress was finding the right wedding planner. I searched as much as I could and read countless reviews from many different companies. I had heard in the past of horror stories from brides and their wedding planners of nightmare situations for excessive fee’s. As I’d begun my search as quite the skeptic, I knew that in the end I would have to go with who I had weighed out to be my best bet. I was recommended to use Sara Mazzei of Infinity Weddings And Events. I can only begin with saying this; Sara was not only every part of a planner I had ever dreamt of, she became my rock, an invaluable support and a dear friend in what turned out to be one of the most magical journey’s of my life. Sara was always on the ball, innately honest, utterly patient and sincere. She has a highly conscientious, attentive and tactful work ethic in which she always delivered (no matter under what kind of stress & pressure!) with warmth, kindness and integrity. We put together a magnificent three day wedding at two separate Villa’s hosting 180 guests. Each and every one had flown in from all far corners of the globe for the event. It was spectacular. When I began to plan for my wedding, I had no idea what I was in for; it was stressful, emotional, incredibly overwhelming, exhausting and all things magical, unforgettable with pure intensity. I could have never taken on what I did and have realised this dream without the help of Sara and her team. There should be absolutely no doubt in whatsoever in anybody’s mind who is on the hunt for a planner and decides on Infinity Weddings. Sara and her team delivered for my husband and I everything and more. Over a month later and still trying to find the words to express how I felt and how beautiful it was remains difficult. This review may seem OTT, please trust is not embellished in any way, I truly mean every single word of it. On top of it all…. I miss them terribly!

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