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Natasha and Mark (UK), Tuscany, June 2014

Posted on October 28 ,2014 , in

Most people may read a testimonial with a degree of scepticism about what has been written. They may not necessarily believe what is written is true. What we are about to say is really genuine and heartfelt, and should highlight how fantastic a wedding planner we consider Sara Mazzei to be, and how she led us, step by step, on an incredible journey, which culminated in the best day of our lives. Our journey to create the perfect wedding day for us started 18 months before our wedding. We are a British couple with a love for all things Italian! It was therefore important to us that we found a wedding planner who not only understood what we wanted but was able to coordinate everything on our behalf whilst we were in the UK. We spent days visiting a number of venues and meeting several wedding planners. It was only when we met Sara that we knew our journey to creating our perfect day was about to begin. She was extremely personable, charismatic and colourful. Within minutes of meeting, we felt like we had a real connection. She knew instantly what we wanted. She seemed to be in her element, generating ideas which the other wedding planners had not considered. Within minutes, she used her contacts to take us to a venue (ignored by the others), which was everything we were looking for!! And so our journey began. We certainly didn’t make the planning easy for Infinity Weddings. We are very organised and particular individuals, with a love of spreadsheets and regular calls over Skype. Sara was always so responsive over email, and so accommodating, agreeing to attend calls late at night after a long working day. Our wedding comprising 125 guests was also a very complex and involved affair. Very little was straightforward and conventional. We hosted a quiz and pizza party the night before. The wedding ceremony was multi-faith (Jewish and Hindu), written by ourselves and officiated by members of our family. We asked the venue to put aside its selection of wedding menus and create something unique just for us. Our band comprised our close friends and so we had to hire instruments, sound equipment and English speaking sound engineers. We requested an extravagant wedding cake comprising 600 macaroons. Finally, only days before the wedding day, the weather turned against us and we had to hire a marquee and moving everything indoors. None of this seemed to faze Sara. She was so calm, creative and practical. This in turn instilled us with a great sense of trust and confidence. Sara and Infinity Weddings made things happen by understanding what we wanted and translating our ideas into reality. We had what was, quite frankly, a flawless day and one which we will never forget. The greatest complement we could pay Sara is that by the time of our wedding day, we had worked so closely with her and grown so close, that we felt she was more than a wedding planner. She was more than a friend. She was practically a member of our family. So now that the wedding is over and the dust has settled. We can step back, enjoy married life and reflect on what we a fabulous day we had. And it is with a tinge of sadness that we no longer have a wedding plan and a Sara Mazzei to plan it.

Natasha and Mark (UK), Tuscany, June 2014

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