The Villa with its rigorous lines and shapes embellished by opulent details represents a beautiful example of Neoclassic style, the big park and the Italian gardens enrich the beauty of the building creating a very romantic atmosphere.   The ceremony can be celebrated in one of the marvelous well-kept gardens, which are also an ideal location for the cocktail. The big patio in front of the Villa is the perfect stage for unforgettable dinners: the façade on the back and the Roman skyline in front of you guaranteeS a spectacular effect. The right use of lighting and set-ups can create a big variety of settings based on your personal taste and expectations. The richly decorated internal rooms are also a gorgeous spot for cocktails, dinners and of course for dancing.

Venue Code: 604

Venue Accomodation: No accommodation. Hotels, private villas and B&B nearby

Maximum Venue Capacity: 600

Ceremonies Available:
Catholic ceremony: Rome Civil ceremony: Rome Town Hall Symbolic or Protestant ceremonies: on-site in the garden