Ancient Roman villa - Gorgeous view on Rome

The gorgeous 16th century building sits amid acres of beautiful grounds, Its interior has many of the original features of the Roman villa, which have been retained during careful refurbishment. There are now 62 rooms and suites available for guests, all furnished and equipped to the highest standards. Some of them are located in two smaller villas, which are connected to the main building by underground passages. There is a Wellness centre not far from this luxury villa, where you can book time to relax, and a golf club to welcome visitors of the villa. There are other activities available locally, such as wine tasting experiences, and tours of the Tivoli, Ostia and Castelli Romani areas. Where will your wedding take place? Catholic wedding ceremonies are held in one of the lovely chapels and churches near Rome. Civil ceremonies take place in the local Town Hall which is close to the villa. Other religious and symbolic wedding ceremonies are held in the gorgeously frescoed gallery of the main villa. Your Wedding Reception This wonderful and intimate wedding venue near Rome offers many options for each part of your special day. Hold your cocktail reception on the terrace surrounding the swimming pool and adjacent parkland. The frescoed saloon rooms of the Roman villa are spacious enough for a spectacular wedding dinner. Or you may choose to greet your guests in one of the rooms decorated with beautiful Murano glass chandeliers. The vaults, which are also decorated with marvellous frescos, make a fantastic setting for your Masterpiece wedding in a luxury villa venue near Rome. The interior spaces of the villa can host up to 200 guests, which makes it a great venue for a winter wedding when it’s a little too chilly for an outdoor wedding, even in beautiful Rome. The grandeur and history of this lovely villa near Rome make it a perfect venue for an unforgettable wedding. To find out more about this wedding venue in Rome and how you might go about arranging your special day here, please contact us using the form on the right. You may submit as many requests for information as you want from individual venue pages, and we will send you details about all of them.

Venue Code: 605

Venue Accomodation: 62 rooms and suites

Maximum Venue Capacity: 300

Ceremonies Available:
Catholic ceremony: lovely chapels and churches in the nearby
Civil ceremony: lovely Town hall in the close nearby
Symbolic or protestant ceremonies: in the frescoed gallery of the main Villa