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Creativity – Experience – Commitment

Sara Mazzei


InfinityWeddings was founded in the 2006 with the idea to create weddings that amaze and speak to the bride’s hearts. Every day I help my brides to find unexplored concepts and ideas for their wedding. I encourage them to realize something that I have never thought before!

For me creating beautiful decors is just a starting point. When I design a wedding my focus is on the funny experience. I want to create a memorable experience, made of music, excellent food and wine, perfect lights, incredible entertainment and the perfect flow.

This is the InfinityWeddings’ style.

Silvia Piazzini


Born and raised in Florence, Silvia now lives in Chianti, a Tuscan region famed for its elegance, beautiful landscapes, stunning architecture and fascinating traditions.

Organising weddings over 13 years, Silvia is skilled at ensuring the style of celebrations is in harmony with the beautiful surroundings. She works with couples to create their perfect day and is always on hand to assist with the planning and related paperwork. Silvia always has a solution to any problem!

Sandra Celoni


As in many of the most famous fairy tales…, why shouldn’t dreams come true?

Sandra has almost 20 years experience of working in the events industry. From organising trade shows and conferences to project managing complex events, her skills and experience are perfectly suited to wedding planning.

Her absolute focus is to fulfil the bride and groom’s wishes for ‘their’ day. Taking care of every detail, Sandra supports the couple, finding the best solutions to ensure those special moments.

Graziella Curto


Graziella, taking care administration and accounting over 10 years, is skilled at managing contracts, payments and paperworks. With her your wedding is in safe hands.

Valentina Boni


Valentina is in charge of design and graphic. She is able to show you your unique wedding through mood boards, renders and graphic layouts. What you imagine she will create it!

Infinity Weddings Team

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